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Writing fun and relatable posts to give the blog a more “lifestyle” feel.


Anaëlle Amarasinghe

"I worked with Camille for about 5 months while at Photobox and I really couldn’t be happier I got to work with her. She’s a great writer who always produces spot on copy. She also has a good eye for details along with great editing skills.

Working with her was so easy as she always made sure she was on hand to help and support anyone who needed her to look over some copy – be it in French or English.

I was particularly impressed by Camille’s ability to remain calm in any given situation. No matter how tough the work was or how soon the deadline was, she remained collected. Which not only made working with her that much more enjoyable, it also meant she could concentrate and truly focus on getting the job done.

I’d love to work alongside her again and think any team would be happy to have her."

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